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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My late initiation on blogging

Hello, world. Might sound corny, but programmers will appreciate the joke :).
I guess I'm a little late at creating a blog here, and it's pretty evident considering the amount of tries it took to get a decent user name. I've tried blogging before, on Xanga, but I guess that didn't took off. Maybe it's because of the more informal feel to it. I'll keep that blog for more personal stuff perhaps. This one's more for my public Internet persona. I'm not a celebrity or anything, but I like to think that my work means something to somebody, so it's nice to have some sort of home site.
I'm an active member of the Spread Firefox community, under the member name jorge.villalobos. I'm also working on a side project called SFX+, that plan on giving new shape to SFX. Part of the motivation of creating this blog is the fact that googling "jorge villalobos" puts my SFX blog on the top results, often among the top 20 :). I hope that through this blog I can unify my Internet personalities through linking, and this page is shown as the main resource relating to myself. An official domain with maybe a Drupal system is something I plan for a little more ahead.
As usual, I'm have some problems giving my ideas some order. My name is Jorge Villalobos, I have a Bs on Computer Science and I'm registered at Syracuse University for an MsSc. I'm a programmer at heart; there's nothing I like more. I absolutely love developing web applications, but any programming task or game or competition will simply consume me. I try to contribute to the Firefox project as much as a can, so I'm currently getting the grasp of working in the Mozilla Bugzilla site. I've posted a couple of simple patches and hope to work my way into bigger programming contributions. If you don't know what Firefox is, you should, it's the best Internet browser out there. You can get it here.
That's it. I hope this is the first of many entries. See you around.

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  • Did you go to poughkeepsie High?

    By Blogger Nsgermania, at 8/24/2005 4:38 PM  

  • Nope. I was born and raised and mostly educated in Costa Rica. I did all my studies up to my BS there. Did you know somebody from there called Jorge Villalobos?

    By Blogger Villa, at 8/29/2005 1:50 PM  

  • Hola,

    Estaba viendo los créditos de Firefox 2.0 que acabo de bajar y me encontré con tu nombre (¡también el de Stephen Colbert!) Me llamó la atención porque tuve un compañero en Ing. Eléctrica de la UCR llamado Javier Villalobos (eso fue hace muchos años, te llevo como 10), hijo de un profesor de física con tu nombre.

    En todo caso, es mucha más sorpresa saber que sos tico.

    Gracias por tu trabajo en Firefox, yo lo vengo usando exclusivamente desde hace mucho tiempo, creo que desde la versión 1.1 o algo así.

    Saludos entonces de otro tico exiliado, en mi caso en Montreal.


    rafael arroba rnajera punto com

    By Anonymous Rafael Nájera, at 10/25/2006 12:39 AM  

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