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Sunday, July 02, 2006

XUL Solutions blog

A couple of days ago I decided to fork my blogging efforts and create a second blog, dedicated exclusively to my XUL experiences. The point of this blog is to publicize answers to problems I've met along the way and I've had an incredibly hard time finding solutions for. Hopefully this will be one of those blogs that popup on the search engine results when you've completely given up and don't know what to do. I've been there way too many times already.
The blog is called XUL Solutions, and I think I'll be posting a little more over there than here. There's so much undocumented XUL stuff that it's not even funny. I'll do my part and post my findings, so others (and even myself) can benefit from my own suffering.
I won't forget this blog, but I am extremely busy these days. I'll be back, just be patient. I still have part two of the security post pending... I have to finish that </mental note>.

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