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Monday, September 04, 2006

Glaxstar grows...

I currently (and for a very long time to come, I hope) work for Glaxstar, a very interesting startup that specializes in the Mozilla development platform. After talking with Ian and ultimately meeting him in person I knew I wanted to be a part of this. This is one person who truly impresses me, and that is very rare.
We're doing really well, and this shows with the expansion of the Costa Rican team, which used to have one member, namely: me. We've grown to be a compact but talented group of 6, selected and recommended by yours truly. I'm very happy with this team, I think it will give Glaxstar a new boost into stardom.
Not that I care for that. I want our company to be successful and stable, but I don't really care whether people know who we are or not. I think many will, since it's such a new horizon which we're exploring. I think the day will come were thousands will wonder how the hell you pronounce my name: "Jorge Villalobos" (notice the Google Rank plug :P).
I'm very excited about this, and I would be even more excited if I didn't have another semester of college ahead of me. So much to do... I've come to realize that I tend to resist new tasks. My brain somehow shuts down and all I want to do is rest or play. It takes some time for me to get into the working pace I need. Right now I should be working, but I decided to take my blog out of the basement and let people know I'm still alive.
A couple of extra news: I'm thinking of participating in the Google Code Jam, just for kicks. I'll probably be eliminated in the first round, I'm kind of rusty on speed thinking. I also decided that multi-protocol IM clients suck real bad. I'm looking at you: Gaim, Trillian and Miranda. Too buggy (Windows version), too limited (free version) and too buggy (but promising), respectively.
I'm gonna try and get something done. God, I'm lazy.

Get Firefox 1.5!


  • Kewl.. so u have a job offer... Congrats.

    Regarding the premature brain shutdown, that is happening to everyone who did some work in summer or didnt do it. Either people become too lazy to work again or are too hyperactive and have to scale down their energy level to the levels of pedantic enthusiasm... thats life :P

    ANyway multiprotocol IM clients do suck..on linux am happy with gaim. On windows the new gaim2beta3.1 shows some promise... also the new yahoo messenger with MSN addon works great.. I'm waiting for their Gtalk plugin (somehow I know thats not going to happen anytime sooner :)

    - Sridhar (I migrated to BLogger beta and the damn thing does not allow me to comment on a non beta page)

    By Anonymous Sridhar, at 9/05/2006 10:59 AM  

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