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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Air typing

This is just some random flashback I had just now. It has nothing to do with... well, anything. It's just a funny anecdote that some computer people might enjoy and/or relate too.
Some time ago I was discussing with a friend about password length, and the importance of passwords being long enough. I'm not very paranoid about security, but I like to have strong passwords, that are longer than 11 characters and have a little bit of everything. You know, the usual security recommendations.
Anyway, when asked about my password length, I didn't know it by heart so I started going through the characters in my head and air typing the password at the same time. It's just a weird reflex. I think some of us have those common words we type wired somehow into our hand muscles or subconscious and start typing them without giving much thought to it.
Stupid as it may sound to most non-tech people, the funny part has yet to come. See, I'm a very bad typist. I never learned to do it properly, but I have learned to evolve (yes, evolve) a rapid typing style which is efficient enough. Still, I make a lot of errors, so the backspace key is one of my best friends. So, I'm air typing the password when I make a mistake on my air (non-existent) keyboard! And without thinking for a second about how ridiculous this was, I pressed my air backspace key enough times to erase the faulted air characters. Even though my next step would be to finish typing the password, I couldn't continue, shocked by what just happened.
Why would I remember something so stupid and publish it to the world? I don't know. I laugh a lot at other people's expenses, so I might as well provide enough material for payback.
Hope you enjoyed my little tale. I you're still waiting for the funny part, well, this story was not for you (sorry).

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