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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Avast! Look at me patch, mateys!

Arrrr!!!! Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day! What is it? I think the name is pretty self-explanatory. Sounds stupid, you say? Well, it's supposed to. I think it's gonna become one of those weird traditions that only Internet geeks know about. Are there non-Internet geeks? That's a good question... Anyway, it's a fun "holiday" that lets you act like a moron and convince yourself that you have a good excuse. It has a song too! As usual you can find all the answers on Wikipedia. It's so much better than Google. *ducks*
So, what's with the late celebration? Well, conveniently, I have 2 good reasons to celebrate today. Today I have a patch. Today marks the day when my first bug patch was checked in into the Mozilla Firefox source code. Yes, my friends, code written by yours truly will power the coolest fucking browser in the planet now and forever (or for a while, whatever comes first). It's celebration time, baby!
Are you ready? Behold the glory of my patch for Bug 296827. It only took 3 months, 3 versions (the changes were microscopic) and a dozen lines of code for me to become immortal. Well, some might say it's a simple patch. Some might say it's trivial. You might be thinking that this stupid patch could have been coded by any 10 year-old that knows how to use a computer! Well, damn you all to HELL, sea scoundrels! Arrrr!!!! ARRRRR!!!! Serenity now, serenity now...
It's a simple patch, I know, but it's still significant. It deals with the find bar and drag and drop, as you may read in the title. Anyway, I'm very proud of it and I'm sure people will appreciate this fix. Or more precisely, the won't bitch anymore for the lack of it.
I'm so happy for this. It really motivates me to keep going. I guess it's kinda off-putting giving and giving without even knowing if people are noticing you. But now I know that it just takes some time. I hope my other patches have the same luck.
Now that I have a kickass computer I can compile the code, so I can get involved in all kinds of patches, including backend bugs. I prefer XUL, but it's actually hard to find XUL-only bugs. I'm so much better settled now, I think I can allocate some decent time of the week to helping out in Bugzilla again. I loved doing that. Maybe someday I'll be known in the Mozilla Foundation.
Sigh... the dreams of developers. So sad, sooo sad...
That's 'bout it, mateys! I'm now a citizen of (or at least a homeless guy at) Mozilla development and I do not intend to be just that. If you love Firefox, say ARRRRR!!!! as loud as you can.

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