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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Google Ads? Yes, please

A friend of mine decided to put Google Ads on his personal site and that got me thinking about it. I had never considered using it because I didn't see much point to it. In the end, they are just ads. I browse through possibly hundreds of pages per day and I have developed complete immunity to advertisements. I don't even use the very popular Adblock Firefox extension. I don't need it. I just simply don't see the ads anymore, be them fancy Flash animations or "relevant" text only ads.
But then you have to think: they exist for a reason. The first one is obviously annoying every single person using the Internet, but the second one is that a lot of people actually read them and use them. And if this "ad relevance" is actually working, then it's actually helpful to have these kind of ads on my site. People might find stuff they were actually interested in.
On the other hand, this is obviously selling out. I'm defacing my blog in the name of the mighty dollar. I hate ads, but the main reason I didn't want them on my blog is because they make it look so... commercial. Yuck. Pretty much like the rest of the Internet. And it's not like I have a ton of readers. About 90% of my readers must be search bots, anyway. Why sell out just to make hundreds of cents? Well, one reason would be that I'm in college and I'll be pretty much broke by next semester. Any additional profit will help and this might actually work.
It seems to me that the pros and cons are somewhat balanced. So, why use the ads? As usual, funny gets to me more than anything. I was testing the Google Ads on my friend's site and saw the funniest thing. On one of his pages his ads were showing something like: "Vote for the sexiest coed", or something like that. I guess Google got the fact he was a college student and just decided to appeal to the larger college audience that's horny as hell :). So, in the end, I decided it would be interesting to visit my blog every now and then and see what's relevant for Google Ads. It might actually show up interesting stuff, or at least some unrelated funny ad that will make my day.
I hope it doesn't matter much. I created this post with the sole reason of putting it right next to the ads, so that it serves as kind of an apology. At least you will know the reason they are up there making my blog ugly.
The ads will be up in a couple of days. Please don't hate me (for this).

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