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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Firefox around the world

A very powerful tool with a very odd name came to my attention today. This tool is a simple website called Frappr!, which sits upon the Google Maps API with one basic idea: globally locate people that have some common interest. You create your group and ask anybody to join the group. People that join the group enter location details so that a bubble appears on the map for each group member. I love it. Simple, and extremely useful.
I found about it on SpreadFirefox because one member had the brilliant idea of creating a Firefox user group, which as of this moment has 243 members from different parts of the world. If you love Firefox, please add yourself to the Firefox world map! You can look me up near Syracuse, NY. As you may see, I don't like using real pictures of myself very much...
This map might become a good reflection of Firefox usage and acceptance around the world, so this page has undoubtedly made it to my bookmarks. Go Firefox!

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