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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Get a Firefox band for your site!

Did you notice the diagonal Firefox band on the top right corner? I hope you did. I think it's very appealing and unintrusive, and a great way to do marketing without affecting the general look of the site. Most sites don't have content on that area, so I think it's more than appropriate to place your advertisements there.
If you want to get your own I recommend you to visit, specifically this post. All you have to do is fill a simple form and you'll get a one-liner that you can paste to your website. You can link it to your SFX affiliate link or to your Google Ads account. I prefer the first one, because the second one does some stuff I don't find very user-friendly. Give it a try for yourself and see what I saw.
Since I like to keep it simple, I made some changes so I don't have that many script elements on my blog and reduce the dependencies to John's site. His approach is simple to implement for most people, so I understand he did it that way. I just like to know everything that's happening on my site.
Does that mean I'm removing my Get Firefox buttons from my signature? Hell, no. You'll just have to live with that.

Get Firefox!


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